About SoWhen?
A CreaTech Company

"Building a world of experiential, sensory entertainment... limitless in subject matter, erasing the boundaries between the physical and the digital.”

Our history as a CreaTech Company

Our story begins in 2008, when Freddy and Mohamed first met. They later founded SoWhen? in 2010 to fulfill their ambitions and shared vision…

It was in 2008 that our two founders Freddy Koné and Mohamed Marouene met on the production of the animated short film “Logorama”. This animated short film ended up winning an Oscar, a flying start to their partnership and a sign of great things to come!

Boosted by this experience, they founded SoWhen? in 2010, to produce content in a flexible, reactive and creative way. They experimented and played with technology to serve their creativity – SoWhen? is by nature and design a CreaTech company.

As experts in the creation of both 2D and 3D content (video games, animated films, advertising, cinema, etc.), they channeled their passion for new image technologies, which offered fresh perspectives, by leading audiences towards a new role: being active participants in an immersive experience.

Our CreaTech DNA: creating heartfelt, meaningful and immersive stories!

SoWhen? chose to move away from passive screens embracing a more meaningful experiential approach, appealing to the emotions of real-life experiences.

In 2016, we also opened an R&D lab where we developed our own technologies so as not to limit our creativity to the technology available on the market.

It’s precisely this CreaTech hybridity that has earned SoWhen? worldwide recognition and the opportunity of becoming a pioneer in its field.

We thrive on creativity and are always experimenting with new technologies (VR, AR, AI, IoT…). Using these tools offers us an experiential playground that can free us from the constraints of the physical world and enhance it by appealing to the senses of the audience (smell, touch, hearing …).

We can add a layer of virtual reality to what we experience in the physical world (AR) to provide additional information or facilitate the customer journey by making it more direct for example.

We can immerse the public in a 100% virtual world (VR) so they can enjoy an experience where your products are accessible in a playful way, where they can exchange with their community or even interact with an artistic work.

We combine the two for phygital and sensory experiences where physical and virtual worlds are seamlessly interconnected!

Our Mission?

“Helping you reach your goals by making the unachievable achievable!”

We’re able to bring your audience into your universe by creating immersive and meaningful sensory experiences via physical, phygital and 100% virtual devices. And that’s not all…

Our experiences help you to:

  • Rationalize needs and ideas
  • Explore new playgrounds such as virtual worlds – metaverses
  • Explain complex concepts to make them accessible to your audience
  • Make services and products known and understood via lived experiences,
  • Get people talking about you (or your brand),
  • Bring your products within reach of your audience, regardless of their complexity and accessibility…
  • Create unique connections with your audience
  • Create the perfect showcase for your products
  • Offer your audience an artistic performance in a unique setting
  • Today, technology is more complex than ever, sometimes difficult to grasp, and constantly evolving. How and why should it be used, for what purpose, in what context and at what cost?

It’s also our mission to accompany you through this technological jungle and guide you on the right path to arrive at your destination with peace of mind: technology will become your greatest ally!

Our vision since 2010

“Building a world of experiential and sensory entertainment, limitless in subject matter, erasing the boundaries between the physical and the digital.”

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