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SoWhen? is a cultural entertainment company that produces its own interactive works and content to offer a new kind of experience to the general public.

We also co-produce artistic works to support their creators and actively participate in their production by providing our creative and technical expertise

SoWhen? consciously participates in the emancipation of digital, virtual and immersive culture among the general public.

Discover below projects we’ve worked on as producers and co-producers:

Encounters :

This immersive phygital work evolves over the course of its encounters with audiences around the world. “Encounters”, composed of 3 episodes (The Crowd, The Birds, The Colossi) and an epilogue, leads us to reflect deeply on the future of our planet. It particularly emphasizes the power of collective action, showing that multiple individual actions can lead to exclusive or inclusive behavioral changes. This essential individual realization makes us question not only how we listen, but our relationships with others and with nature. “Encounters” reminds us that we are part of a Whole (see related article).

Lifeline :

This short film takes full advantage of our 360° system. Right from the start, it was designed to immerse the viewer in a space where the different elements of the story would be located all around them. “Lifeline” was awarded the 1st prize at the Paris Court Devant Festival and was directed by Victor Michelot and co-produced by Dissidence Production and SoWhen? (see related article).

Sea Prayer :

To commemorate the second anniversary of the tragic death of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach Greece in 2015, UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and acclaimed author Khaled Hosseini wrote Sea Prayer, an imaginary letter in monologue form from a Syrian father to his son, asleep on his lap, on the eve of fleeing to Europe by sea in search of refuge and safety. Sea Prayer is the first narrative animated film in virtual reality created using Tilt Brush, a device that allows you to paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Thanks to this tool, the Guardian’s in-house VR team, in collaboration with renowned VR artist Liz Edwards and SoWhen? were able to bring Hosseini’s thought-provoking letter to life (see related article).

Flame :

This Flamenco show occurs in two spaces simultaneously and are linked together by mixing the physical and virtual worlds. The performance was part of the opening show of the 2020 Edition of the NewImages Festival (see related article).

Anima Fer Chan

Virginie Ferret-Courtel, aka Fer Chan, is a painter who usually expresses herself through her physical and tangible materials of choice: ink on canvas. This is how she works on her favorite subject matter, all things equestrian and more precisely the horse itself. These inked horses have led her from project to project, meeting and working with renowned names such as Jean Louis Dumas Hermès, the embroiderer François Lesage, Christian Lacroix and the upholsterer Philippe Coudray.

Influenced by the digital arts, she now wishes to approach her art from a new angle: immersion, life, and especially movement. Out of this desire, we met and the “Fer Chan Anima” project was born (see related article).



Here you’ll find the answers to the most common questions we receive during initial consultations. They are in response to general questions; we’ll be able to clarify things for you during the course of our discussions.

SoWhen? coproduit certains projets en participant à sa réalisation de différentes façons.

Cocréation, conceptualisation, mise en œuvre technique et technologique… à chaque projet ses besoins ! 

Racontez-nous tout !

Nous prenons une grande attention à ce que vous puissiez tout comprendre en vulgarisant les techniques et technologies qui pourraient servir votre projet.

Que vous souhaitiez vous servir des nouvelles technologies de l’image vous même ou recherchiez des experts pour vous accompagner, vous avez frappez à la bonne porte !

Globalement ce sont les projets qui ont une dimension immersive et interactive qui nous intéressent.

Qu’ils soient représentés et à vivre dans le monde physique ou virtuel.

Notre leitimotiv est de se servir de la technologie comme d’un outil, elle ne doit pas être le sujet, mais le servir.

Les projets peuvent avoir différentes natures, par exemple :

  • Fictions, films d’animation 360°, interactifs
  • Jeux en VR ou AR
  • Concerts virtuels
  • Expositions sensorielles
  • Explorations VR
  • Œuvres expérimentales

Les nouvelles technologies de l’image au sens large du terme : 3D, VFX, VR, AR, 360°…

La création et production virtuelles : univers – metaverses, avatars, hologrammes…

Nous développons également des Intelligences Artificielles (IA) et autres développements informatiques au sein de notre labo R&D.

Dès le départ nous pouvons prévoir des points d’amélioration et d’évolution du dispositif lorsque celui-ci est pérenne : ajout de contenus, d’assets, de nouvelles fonctionnalités…

Cela vous permet de le faire vivre au rythme des évolutions de votre œuvre ou projet, mais aussi de lisser certains budgets et d’optimiser son utilisation.

Depuis la création de SoWhen? en 2010 notre ambition n’a pas changé :

“Construire un monde de divertissements expérientiels, sensoriels, sans limite de sujets, effaçant les frontières entre le physique et le digital.”

En produisant et coproduisant des projets et oeuvres nous participons à la réalisation de cette ambition, à la démocratisation des ces expériences, des technologies associées… 

C’est l’essence même de SoWhen?.


A solution for every need

For experiences and content no longer bound by the physical limits of traditional filming! Avatars, Metaverses, motion capture, studios, mixed reality…

Logo offre de service de SoWhen? pour la création d'îles sur Fortnite

To make your brand known among the 450 million players on Fortnite, outside of the battle royale game mode, with custom gamified universes!

We provide custom-made interactive solutions for both form and content, handling everything from conceptualization to launch.


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