Video of SoWhen? session at Unreal Fest 2023

A few months ago, we were invited by EPIC GAMES to come and present at the Unreal Fest our concrete approach to creating interactive phygital experiences.

What you will learn from watching this video filmed by EPIC GAMES :

Since 2010, SoWhen? has been dedicated to establishing meaningful connections between brands and their audiences in various retail environments, event venues, showrooms, and public spaces through its creation of virtual and phygital experiences.

By leveraging the flexibility of the Unreal Engine and our own developments, we have unlocked the potential to offer virtual worlds with alternative forms of control and interaction, moving beyond traditional touchscreens and buttons.

In this session, we dive into the world of phygital and immersive experiences, allowing the audience to interact with virtual universes through gestures and connected physical objects, and even through fun interactions with virtual characters.

As the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, the enchantment of this fusion intensifies.

We are excited to present concrete examples from our clients that demonstrate the transformative power of these innovative approaches.

Quelques images des réalisations d'expériences phygitales de SoWhen? présentées au Unreal Fest

We invite you to join us this year at Unreal Fest, which will take place in various countries!

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