Highlights of SoWhen? with Alstom at VivaTech 2023

A visual recap of these intense 4 days at Viva Technology - June 2023.

Viva Tech was an event rich in sharing this year, with a prominent representation of SoWhen? as a partner startup at Alstom’s booth. SoWhen? was selected for its digital innovations, including custom virtual worlds.

We were present to support the Alstom teams, for whom we crafted a phigital (physical + digital) experience in the form of a game centered around cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, we had the opportunity to showcase Alstom’s Virtual Universe, version 2, live during the dedicated pitch session.

The visibility provided to SoWhen? with a dedicated section at Alstom’s booth allowed us to introduce ourselves to the visitors.

We extend our gratitude to each of them for their keen interest, and we look forward to exciting collaborative projects in the near future!

Special thanks go to:

Henri Poupart-Lafarge and Stéphane Feray Beaumont for the time invested in our discussions regarding the tailored virtual universe we created for Alstom, along with its current and future use cases that span across the group.
Bruno Gutierres for his support throughout the event and during our day-to-day missions with the Alstom teams.
Alexis Bonnet, who wasn’t physically present at VivaTech – you were often in our thoughts! – but who has been by our side since the inception and evolution of this innovative virtual universe, of which he is the originator.

We extend our gratitude to the cybersecurity team who entrusted us with the wonderful task of enabling the public to explore their professions and expertise through the phigital game we created, also derived from Alstom’s virtual universe. Thank you, Eddy Thesee, for your trust, and Gengasvari Fonseka, for this fantastic collaboration.

We also acknowledge the visit of our Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, who had the opportunity to discover the innovations showcased by Alstom, including the phigital Cybersecurity game.

Thank you for your warm welcome and assistance in preparing our booth, as well as for the visibility provided to SoWhen? through interviews, posts, videos, and more. Julia Schwartz, Coralie, Annelie Andersson, Emma Brett, Leandra Santos, Theresa CEDE, Aldino Pavone, and others have been instrumental in this success.

For the pitch about the Alstom Virtual Universe, special thanks to Carlès COCA for sharing this memorable moment with Mohamed!

Lastly, we had a delightful surprise visit from EPIC Games, including Sébastien Lozé, who came to see and test the phigital Cybersecurity game and the virtual universe created using Unreal Engine 5.

With all of this, we can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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