An augmented photo booth for the release of Hawkeye on Disney+

An interactive and immersive phygital installation for The Walt Disney Company France

Disney was looking to provide an immersive and interactive experience for the release of its new Hawkeye series on Disney+.

The objectives for the immersive and interactive device

This experience was designed to allow the public in New York to immerse themselves in the world of Hawkeye and included a fun and challenging archery game.

totem interactif immersif installé au centre commercial part dieu par sowhen pour hawkeye disney+

The challenges for the immersive experience

We produced this project in collaboration with the creative department of The Walt Disney Company France and the Marvel studio in the United States.
The graphical challenge was to recreate the New York of the TV series without having seen it, based only on a few trailers and shared images.
The major technical challenge was to use virtual production techniques and apply them to make an interactive animation for the general public.
We used the live video feed in Unreal Engine as well as the real-world lighting of the device and the stage to immerse the participants in a New-York City setting.
We had an animator equipped with a hidden remote control that could trigger the shot of the virtual arrow, the explosion of the window pane, the time-freeze and the photo capture.
On request from Disney, the recovery of the photo and video did not require any personal data from the user.

Our mission

Our expertise in the development of the immersive augmented photo booth

What we achieved:

  • Creating a realistic setting of New York City at Christmas time mirroring Hawkeye’s environment and the TV series as a whole: real brick walls, Christmas window decorations, artificial snow…
  • Providing an “augmented” and interactive photo booth in the form of an immersive window overlooking New York City in the snow. From this window, the participants, equipped with Hawkeye’s bow, could shoot a virtual arrow across the city. A time-freeze effect slowed down the movement of the arrow and the falling snow. The camera then flipped to show the participant who had just fired the arrow in the background, behind the window.

The participant was then able to retrieve their video and photo via a QR code and share them on social media.

Find out how the public experienced the immersive world of Hawkeye with our augmented photo booth


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