An Immersive Cultural Experience at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

Bollywood Exhibition: A France Muséums & Quai Branly Exhibition

SoWhen? collaborated with ACC for France Muséums in creating an experience for the Bollywood exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The idea was to offer an immersive interactive experience to the audience within these exceptional films and introduce them to the world of special effects.

The Goals of this Immersive Experience

Visitors to this Bollywood-themed exhibition could explore various artworks, objects, period costumes, and contemporary items. The film excerpts presented allowed them to immerse themselves in the unique ambiance of these creations. The goal of the immersive experience was to connect the audience with Bollywood cinema, immerse them in the scenes, dance alongside well-known Bollywood stars, and provide a personalized and innovative experience.

The Challenges of this Immersive Experience

Since SoWhen? was not physically present on site, we established a self-contained and easily deployable setup for the exhibition team. The captured image had to be adjustable on-site to seamlessly incorporate people into the scenes (color, sharpness, granularity, size, placement, virtual shadow of the person).

Our Mission

Our mission was to immerse the audience in Bollywood cinema interactively, allowing them to play the role of stars and experience special effects. We repurposed Unreal Engine’s virtual production tools to capture the audience dancing on a green screen and project them into the pre-prepared film scenes.


Experiencing virtual production firsthand was part of the discovery and immersion process: first the timer, then the visual meshing effect, placement… special effects unveiled before their eyes.


Finally, the audience could see themselves live on the screen in front of them, dancing alongside the film’s stars, within the film.


Several scenes were prepared and used for the Bollywood exhibition.


Mediation, Audiovisual & Multimedia Production – France Muséums/MQB Exhibition – Louvre Abu Dhabi 01/2023.

Scenography: Atelier Maciej Fiszer

Producer: Arno Creignou

Project Manager: Alex Waltz

Creative Director: Pierre Guillaud-Lux

Editor: Hugo Scialom

Subtitles: Nicolas David

Sound Designer: Dominique Lépine

Sound Engineer: Matthieu Dallaporta

Multimedia Developer: SoWhen? Creative Tech Company”


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