“Encounters” won the highly coveted 2021 Taiwan XR Residency!

"Encounters" is an immersive creation by Mathieu Pradat (Founder and Director of La Prairie Productions) and co-produced by SoWhen?



Creator Mathieu Pradat and co-producers SoWhen? worked together to develop an immersive virtual reality experience.

Encounters is a sensory journey through space and time, linking a saturated and unbearable “modern” world to its possible peaceful future where time for dialogue and self-awareness prevail.

After Quito in Ecuador and the Grenier à Sel contemporary art space (formerly Ardénome) in Avignon, next destination: Kaohsiung! We were delighted that the “Encounters” project could continue its journey around the world in 2022.

The 6-week residency will allow the work to continue evolving through its encounters with audiences and through exchanges with the rich Taiwanese XR ecosystem.

A lot of work will be done on incorporating messages left by the public to communicate and interact with the experience.


The XR Residency in Taiwan

Ms. Meng-Yin Yang, director of the Kaohsiung Film Archive is the host of the XR residency’s third edition 2022 with her partners, the French Office in Taipei represented by Mr. Nicolas Rouilleault and the NewImages Festival.

This residency provides a unique experience for the artist and his team since it encourages exchanges and collaboration with Taiwanese professionals as well as with local technical teams and companies.

Mathieu Pradat, creator of Encounters, and SoWhen? are thrilled by the excitement surrounding the work’s residency!

The result of this residency will be presented at the next edition of the NewImages Festival and at the Kaohsiung Film Festival.

The Paris NewImages Festival at the Forum des Images

This year saw the 4th edition of this Festival dedicated to digital creation and virtual worlds, celebrating XR in all its diversity.

The festival, which is open to the public as well as professionals, offered a rich variety of experiences for people to explore imaginary worlds and the narratives of tomorrow, showcasing the pinnacle of immersive storytelling.

Check out the program here (general public).

For the professionals, the three days brought together those at the heart of the XR community and provided the perfect opportunity for encounters, discussions, discoveries and the spotlighting of the lucky few selected for the XR competition.

Images from the NewImages Festival Awards Ceremony - Encounters.


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