Lifeline - 360 VR film

Award: 1st prize at the international short film festival "Paris Courts Devant", in the 360° VR fiction category

Project Summary

Project name: Lifeline

Directed by Victor Michelot

Co-produced by Dissidence Production and SoWhen?

Performers: Victor Belmondo, Inès Terlet, Enzo Breschet, Anna Denissova, Marion Sedlak

Release date: 2017

Format: VR 360°

The main objective of this 360° immersive film

The film takes full advantage of the 360° medium since the project was designed, right from the start, to immerse the viewer in a space where the different elements of the story are spread all around the viewer.

SoWhen? brought along its professional equipment and all its expertise to support the Lifeline project and its technical team.


  • Providing a finished product in line with the TV series all in a context of confidentiality and limited image use.

  • Adapting to a busy location and finding ways of arousing curiosity in a natural way.

  • Creating a device with precise installation measurements in a highly regulated location.

The film:

Imagine that your life is a line. You move steadily from point A: birth, to point B: death. From you to point B, life; from point A to you, the past. If in theory this seems to be true, in practice, emotions inevitably fluctuate in your progress towards point B. Lifeline is the story of that frozen moment when you fall in love. There is no past, present or future, but a single sphere beyond time and space in which feelings, memories and desires intertwine.

See the making of :


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