A Visual Recap of the National Universe Creation Contest on Fortnite

Finals of the Gamified Universe Creation on Fortnite, the New Immersive Social Network and Brand Communication Territory

Photo des membres du jury du concours de création d'univers sur Fortnite co organisé par Ynov, SoWhen? et EPIC GAMES

The YES contest, or how to bring together Creativity and Tech, as well as gaming and corporate!

This experience was very enriching for everyone: students, school, juries from large companies with varied sectors, SoWhen?, and Epic Games. A first that already projects us into future editions, with its share of improvement points and positive feedback in our respective networks. It was not easy to choose among all these projects; the students really worked intensely to produce these games on UEFN in one week. Supporting their work in front of the jury and the other groups in 15 minutes was not an easy task, but they performed brilliantly, well done! Unique game environments and mechanics were produced, allowing us to see their potential and that of UEFN.

It’s a new, massive immersive, interactive, and creative social network that is opening up to brands!

Discover the jury's feedback on this final and how they envision their future on Fortnite.

A jury composed of major brands impressed by the students' creations

SoWhen? and Ynov gathered major brand partners from various sectors for this contest: luxury – cosmetics, mobility, and entertainment. These are client companies of SoWhen?: L’Oréal, Alstom, The Walt Disney Company, Stellantis.

The final day was divided into three parts: the 10 finalist groups presented their projects to the jury for 15 minutes, including a trailer, explanation of choices, monetization strategy, followed by a question-and-answer session. Then, the jury went to the test room to play the games and interact with the students. Finally, the deliberations behind closed doors allowed, not without difficulty, to decide between the projects.

In addition to the grand prize awarded to the contest winners, each of the brands awarded a well-deserved favorite prize to the group of their choice.

Epic Games opens up the Fortnite territory to creators and brands.

EPIC GAMES has opened its virtual universe, independently of the game, so that everyone can create their own events and design lasting personalized worlds.

This new approach allows companies to significantly customize their representation in the Fortnite universe, outside of the battle royale game, and to benefit from the active community of 500 million people!

They now have the opportunity to create virtual environments that accurately reflect their identity, and to offer immersive and captivating experiences to their internal and external audiences.

What is UEFN?

L’UEFN is a version of Unreal Engine (UE) with customized features that enable content creation on the Fortnite platform.

The existing Fortnite Creative mode (Fortnite Creator), to which UEFN is added, already allowed creators to modify levels, environment, and game mechanics, in order to publish islands within the game.

With UEFN, everyone can create customized gamified islands and tell their story!

SoWhen? and Fortnite

Since 2010, SoWhen? has been creating immersive and interactive experiences, both 100% virtual and phygital, blending virtual worlds with the physical world for advertisers eager to communicate in innovative ways with their audiences.

Since 2014, our teams have developed their expertise in real-time 3D on Unreal Engine, combined with our own technological developments to create remarkable and globally recognized experiences.

We have been an official Unreal Engine partner of EPIC GAMES since 2023, renewed in 2024 at the highest global level: “top tiers gold partner”.

SoWhen? also participated in the Unreal Fest community in 2022 and 2023 by invitation from EPIC.

With the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, SoWhen? can create custom “brand-specific islands” for events or permanent engagements, providing their audiences with memorable, persistent interactive and immersive experiences.

These environments of varied styles benefit from a simple, stable, multi-platform, and secure global environment and deployment.

Logo service partner Unreal Engine, gold 3 étoiles. SoWhen? est partenaire officiel d'EPIC Games !

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