Launch of the national Ynov x SoWhen? competition on Fortnite

The creation of gamified universes on Fortnite, a new immersive social network and communication territory for brands.

Ynov Campus and SoWhen? announce the official launch of ‘YES’, a national 3D competition aimed at Ynov students specializing in Game Art. The theme of this first competition will focus on the creation of custom gamified universes on Fortnite, Epic Games’ battle royale game that has become an immersive social network where some 500 million people meet!

Affiche concours fortnite par SoWhen? et Ynov campus

Epic Games opens up the Fortnite territory to creators and brands.

EPIC GAMES has opened its virtual universe, independently of the game, so that everyone can create their own events and design lasting personalized worlds.

This new approach allows companies to significantly customize their representation in the Fortnite universe, outside of the battle royale game, and to benefit from the active community of 500 million people!

They now have the opportunity to create virtual environments that accurately reflect their identity, and to offer immersive and captivating experiences to their internal and external audiences.

What is UEFN?

L’UEFN is a version of Unreal Engine (UE) with customized features that enable content creation on the Fortnite platform.

The existing Fortnite Creative mode (Fortnite Creator), to which UEFN is added, already allowed creators to modify levels, environment, and game mechanics, in order to publish islands within the game.

With UEFN, everyone can create customized gamified islands and tell their story!

The competition in partnership with EPIC GAMES

The competition, in partnership with EPIC Games, organized by SoWhen? and Ynov, started this week for the students!

No less than 338 participating students will be challenged to create custom gamified virtual universes on Fortnite, using Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN).

The local competitions are taking place on Ynov campuses from February to March, where participating teams have 1 week to develop their project around two proposed themes.

A local jury will nominate the finalists who will travel to Paris Ynov campus for the national final.

With 1000 students, and 5 bachelors and 4 specialized masters, the 3D, Animation and Video Games sector, Ynov positions itself as a reference in training for the video game industry.

A jury composed of brands from various sectors.

SoWhen? and Ynov have gathered major brand partners for this competition, from various sectors: luxury – cosmetics, mobility, and entertainment. : L’Oréal, The Walt Disney Company, Stellantis, Alstom.

Representatives from these brands will therefore be part of the final jury and will be able to discover the creations and arguments of the students, as well as provide them with feedback.

In addition to the grand prize for the winners of the competition, these brands will each be able to award a ‘favorite’ prize to the group of their choice.

SoWhen? and Fortnite

Since 2010, SoWhen? has been creating immersive and interactive experiences, 100% virtual or phygital, for advertisers eager to communicate in innovative ways with their audiences, blending virtual universes with the physical world.

Since 2014, our teams have developed their expertise in real-time 3D on Unreal Engine, combined with our own technological developments to create remarkable and globally recognized experiences.

We were also officially recognized as a partner of EPIC GAMES‘ Unreal Engine in 2023 and have contributed to the community at the Unreal Fest in 2022 and 2023 at the invitation of EPIC.

With the Unreal Editor for Fortnite mode, SoWhen? can thus create custom “brand-specific islands” for event or permanent purposes, offering their audiences memorable “persistent” interactive and immersive experiences.

These environments of very varied styles benefit from a simple, stable, multiplatform, and secure global environment and deployment.

Logo service partner Unreal Engine, gold 3 étoiles. SoWhen? est partenaire officiel d'EPIC Games !

Stay connected on our social networks to follow the news of this innovative contest, discover the themes proposed to the students, and find out which major groups are joining us as jurors in this adventure!

The final will take place on April 5, 2024, in Paris!

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