Roundtable Discussion on the Custom Virtual World for Alstom

Alstom,Alstom, a global leader in green mobility and the railway industry, Antilogy eexperts in
popularizing XR and metaverses for businesses, and SoWhen? a CreaTech company
prized for its creative and technological XR expertise, co-organized a private roundtable
February 10, 2023 on the subject of Alstom’s virtual world.

Sharing experiences and expertise of SoWhen?’s virtual world for Alstom

The custom virtual world created for Alstom is a unique showroom.

We presented the real-time interactive virtual world covering 4 square kilometers, created using Unreal Engine 5, with a practical approach in mind to answer any questions from companies who might be curious about the launch of such a project.
Having a live demonstration of this virtual world in action allowed us to enact use cases, providing attending companies a much easier way to envision the adoption of this innovative tool.
This event, intended for our clients and a few prospects, was rich in exchanges and brought real added value to the participants who were able to question the members involved and benefit from discussions with companies from diverse sectors.
The event was a tangible first step for everyone, highlighting all the possible use cases and multiple ROIs these virtual worlds can provide. The general consensus was that we witnessed the first concrete building blocks towards a Metaverse future.

What is the virtual world we created for Alstom?

We created a virtual world representing the Alstom brand and its entire product portfolio (trains, metros, mechanical parts, as well as software and applications). It is an interactive and immersive virtual world that can be accessed without the need for a virtual reality headset.
The first version of this scalable and sustainable software already allows Alstom to use it throughout the entire company and addresses commercial, marketing & communication, training and RSE (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues.
Content from this virtual world has already been extracted several times to serve the company’s speaking engagements on social media but also at the InnoTrans exhibition with applications hosted by physical devices, product videos and photos. This is one of the advantages of having such an extended virtual showroom (4km²!): it can become a real content production machine at a controlled cost.
Click on this link to read our dedicated page for this innovative project.
To learn more, please contact us here!

Watch our Event Recap Video

Thank you all for your participation and your valuable feedback!

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