Alstom serious game on cybersecurity in the phygital realm

An environment derived from their Real-Time Virtual Universe

"Invisible threats"

Device unveiled at UITP 2023 and then at VivaTech 2023: a phygital serious game on the topic of cybersecurity, stemming from their virtual universe.

The objectives of this virtual and phygital game

Alstom wanted to be able to open dialogue with its visitors in a fun way and provide a memorable experience for both engineers and novices.

The challenges of this phygital serious game

  • Technical challenges: We had to design a connected flashlight that could last a long time on a lengthy event. Our solution was to create automatic feedback on the screen that signals the loss of tracking and asks to place the flashlight back on charge, which recharges automatically as soon as it is returned to its place.
  • Design: we designed a solid, stylish, and easy-to-install or maintain tracking bar. It is mounted on a wall and remains discreet to the eye. It contains the tracking intelligence (sensors that emit infrared rays communicating with the flashlight’s sensors and Bluetooth technology).
  • Gameplay challenge: we had to find gameplay that was original and surprising enough to attract passers-by at the exhibition, but also intuitive enough for participants to stay and repeat their experience.
  • Invisible technologies for a natural, “magical” effect experience: we hid the tracking system as much as possible in the flashlight and the bar to allow an invisible connection between the two and give users the impression that the flashlight actually illuminates the scene unfolding on the screen, which serves as a window into Alstom’s world.

Our mission

We used some of the locations from the already created virtual universe and added a special atmosphere conducive to gameplay. The audience indeed needs to find the “invisible” cybersecurity threats using a physical connected flashlight. Users hold it to light their explorations in dark environments. Once the threats are identified, the participant is challenged to choose the best responses to this threat from the various solutions offered. Once the choice is made, feedback is given on the screen with additional information (general education – Alstom’s expertise).

This experience allowed addressing a wide variety of topics that Alstom masters, holding a rich portfolio (hardware, software, network, human practices…).

At the end of the game, the user could play again to address other topics, and the Alstom expert present could provide explanations and information if needed.

The physical connection created by using a flashlight that illuminates the areas visited in the game through the screen allows for a stronger memory anchoring of the information and offers a natural experience in the gestures to the public.


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