3D Real-Time Immersive Film "New Energy for Czechia"

From satellite data to a real-time virtual universe.

Vue macro de la centrale en tchéquie Image 3D d'après données satellites et unreal engine

Starting from Google Earth satellite data of the area and the 3D engineering design of their nuclear power plant, and leveraging our expertise and proprietary tools developed under the European Union, we were able to create a fully animated and realistic environment to produce this film directly within the scene, in real-time.

The objectives of the immersive 3D film for EDF

To respond to a request for proposal for the delivery of a new EPR1200 nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic, EDF aimed to realistically present its power plant implementation project for the Czech Republic, situated within the physical territory of an existing power plant.

The challenges of this CGI film production

We had limited time to create this highly detailed film and started with satellite data to recreate a realistic terrain.

Our mission for this innovative creation

Our mission for this innovative creation was to produce a realistic, high-quality, and precise 3D video to showcase EDF’s nuclear power plant implementation project in the Czech Republic, in response to their request for proposals.

Given that the new power plant was to be located in an area already occupied by an existing facility, we started with Google Earth satellite data to recreate the terrain and incorporate EDF’s elements for the expansion of the existing site. Since the Google data lacked sufficient detail in terms of 3D complexity for this region (terrain elevation), we had to reconstruct the natural features (trees, fields, water), existing structures (power plants, utility poles, urban layout), and their textures using Unreal Engine. Finally, we meticulously modeled and integrated the new EDF power plant.

To optimize the production of all these elements, we utilized our proprietary tools to automate certain tasks along with the Cesium software. Subsequently, we brought the scene to life by adding elements such as metahumans, vehicles, birds, and vapors, and animated it with a realistic atmosphere.

The film was then shot directly in the created virtual universe, in real-time and in 4k, offering great flexibility and creativity enabled by this production technique on the final image. This process mirrors the production approach used for the Michelin 24 Hours of Le Mans film, visible here.


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